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Our courses can all be taken from anywhere at any time and will all help you follow OSHA's requirements.

Our Courses

Back Safety

Bloodborne Pathogens

Boom Truck

Cargo Securement

Cold Weather Safety

Emergency Action & Fires

Employee Orientation (Safety Overview)



Formaldehyde Safety

Hazard Communication Program

Hearing Conservation

Ladder Safety


Material Handling

OSHA Compliance Recordkeeping

Personal Hygiene

Personal Protective Equipment

Power Tools

Psychology of Safety Pro-active Safety

Retail Worker Safety

Valley Fever Safety Training

Mandatory Respiratory Protection

Voluntary Respiratory Protection

Professional Videos

Our courses are based on OSHA certified videos and experience. We deliver high-quality content.

Professional Content

Our content is backed by more than 20 years of experience and Certified Safety Professionals and 10 years of experience in the tech sector. We know what is important and how to make the user experience simple.

Professional Reporting and Certificates

Our reporting is OSHA compliant and verified by Certified Safety Professionals. We make sure that your employees have exactly what they need to perform their most productive and safest work, and that you have exactly what you need for OSHA.

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